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Woodpeckers Recorder Quartet are a dynamic group of virtuoso recorder players who share a common interest in performing and promoting both very old and very new music for their instrument. They met while studying together at Stockholm’s Royal College of Music, and it became apparent early on that they were well suited as both friends and fellow chamber musicians. All four members have gained recognition on an international level, performing, touring and recording as soloists and together with some of Europe’s leading Baroque and contemporary music ensembles. As a group, Woodpeckers have performed at festivals and venues throughout Europe, making numerous radio and television appearances on the way. 

As well as focusing on original and arranged Baroque repertoire for the recorder, Woodpeckers aim to present the instrument in a new and interesting light. There are ongoing collaborations with several young, as well as more established composers, to produce new music for the group with the aim of pushing the boundaries of the instrument. With Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Irish backgrounds, each member of Woodpeckers has something unique to offer and their programming often includes aspects of the folk repertoire from each of their respective countries.



At the forefront of Woodpeckers ideology is the drive to kick the age-old image of the recorder being merely a stepping-stone to something else, and they are intent on spreading their knowledge far and wide, be it through videos, recordings, workshops, teaching, research, and of course, live concerts. An integral part of their mission involves working with children and young people, and Woodpeckers have performed live for thousands of small ears, from newborn babies, to toddlers, to teenagers, to composition students. The energy they get in return has fueled their pursuit and sparked many wonderful ideas that they are sure will keep them on the road and having fun for years to come.. 

Woodpeckers Recorder Quartet: 


Caroline Eidsten Dahl (Norway)

Katarina Widell (Sweden)

Pernille Petersen (Denmark)

Kate Hearne (Ireland)

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Antonio Vivaldi: 

Concerto i C-major RV 443: Allegro 

Woodpeckers Recorder Quartet:
Caroline Eidsten Dahl
Katarina Widell
Pernille Petersen
Kate Hearne

Recorded on an iPhone in Helsingborg Konserthus February 2018 

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