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C A R O L I N E  E I D S T E N   D A H L 


Van Magazine: 

"The intimacy of this recording is like being in a deep conversation, aware of each word and thought expressed, while remaining blithely oblivious to the time passing."

(Telemann Fantasias LAWO Classics 2021)

"Smooth tone, elegant articulation and ambitious but effortless-sounding tempos."
(Telemann Recorder Sonatas LAWO Classics 2019)

"The performances by Ensemble Freithoff and flautist Caroline Eidsten Dahl are unpretentious, dynamic and provide a salutary agitated sound" (Sonata Norwegica LAWO Classics 2018)
Audiophile Audition:
"As far as recorder albums go, this is the coolest thing I’ve heard in awhile."
(Blockbird LAWO Classics 2014)
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Photo: Anna-Julia Granberg / BLUNDERBUSS

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